Cupcake Businesses: From Empty Pans to Sold Out Shops

Cupcake businesses are great for those looking to start a small, home-based business. Relatively little capital is required to begin selling cupcakes out of a home kitchen. The true value of the business is actually in the creativity and talent of the baker.

Over the past few years, there have been many home-based and small cupcake shops which have gone on to achieve commercial success. One such bakery is the Beverly Hills based Sprinkles Cupcake shop. Owner Candace Nelson began her baking career after losing her job in investment banking. Candace first begun her baking career by selling tiered wedding cakes from her home, but quickly moved on to cupcakes. Sprinkles Cupcake shop opened in 2005 and immediately began to sell out on a daily basis. Candace opened 7 more shops in several states, and is still expanding today.

Another successful cupcake business is Curbside Cupcake in Washington, DC. Owned and operated by a couple with a dynamic idea, the success of this unique bakery is due to savvy social media marketing. Curbside Cupcake is a mobile shop that appears in a different place throughout the city each day. They let their customers know where they will be via Twitter and Facebook. Some days, they sell out within half an hour!

A cupcake shop does not have to be on wheels or start out in the ritzy zip code of Beverly Hills to be successful. In 2008, Gina Butler of Nashville, TN set out to start her own shop after hearing from her brother. He told her he had stood in line for hours in New York City to get a cupcake. After all that waiting, of course the cake was not as good as his sister’s. Less than a year later, Gina expanded with a second Gigi’s Cupcakes location in Nashville. She considers hard work and good cupcakes to be major contributors to her success.

These are just a few small cupcake shops which have grown to large success in recent years. Unique ideas and delicious recipes drive the success of these businesses, but they all have a few things in common. Hard work, persistence, and a dedication to quality products keep customers coming back for more. These are all things anyone desiring to own their own cupcake shops can accomplish. The trick is bringing the best cupcakes out of the kitchen and into the world. It takes a bit of courage, but these shop owners all say the reward is well worth the risk.

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