End Your Meals on a Sweet Note Every Time

They say that a complete meal always ends on a sweet note. If you ask anyone that’s how they want their meals to end. But unfortunately not everyone can stretch their bills up to desserts. However whenever you eat at Olive Garden and you bring along your Olive Garden coupons, desserts can be very affordable. Your meal will definitely end on a sweeter note with desserts such as Tiramisu, Lemon Cream Cake Black Tie Mousse Cake and a lot more. For those who love chocolates a slice of Triple Chocolate Strata is definitely heaven.

If you want your meals to end on a sweet note every time you should always have fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, grapes and others for your desserts. Not only are these fruits sweet they are as well very healthy. But every now and then you can indulge your sweet tooth. It is best that you learn to make at least one dessert or two. You do not need to go to a restaurant every time you want desserts you can actually learn how to make one.

What say you take a pick on Olive Garden’s menu for desserts? Is Tiramisu always on your mind every time you have your meals at Olive Garden? It is actually quite easy to make Tiramisu. Here’s how.

The Tiramisu Ingredients
Firs of course you would need to shop for the ingredients. You need:
•    Grated chocolate, about 6 tbsp will do.
•    Espresso coffee powder, 2 tsp. Tiramisu is never complete without the coffee.
•    Whipped cream 1 ½ cup.
•    Kahlua about 4 tbsp.
•    Mascarpone cheese, about 4 cups.
•    Sponge fingers 15 pieces
•    Sugar around 1 cup.
•     Vanilla essence, 4 tsp.
•    Have hot water ready, about ¼ cup will do. Have your shot glasses ready as well.

You are all set to make your very own Tiramisu so let’s go down to business.

The Tiramisu Steps
1.    First step is to place the mascarpone cheese in a bowl.
2.    Have your sugar vanilla and kahlua lined up then whisk them in the mascarpone cheese. Remember to whisk only in one direction all through out.
3.    Dump in the whipped cream as well as 4 tbsp of the grated chocolate and whisk away. This is your tiramisu mixture.
4.    Now you are ready to make some coffee. Just place the coffee in a mug and pour the hot water on it. Now take your shot glasses and start filling up the bottom with sponge fingers. Don’t worry if the sponge fingers are broken they are supposed to be into little pieces. Give the sponge fingers some flavors by brushing with coffee.
5.    Pour some of the tiramisu mixture on top then add a second layer of sponge fingers. Pour in the 2nd layer of tiramisu mixture.
6.    Finish the top layer with whip cream and grated chocolate.

Quite easy, don’t you think? You definitely can indulge your sweet tooth at home every once in a while. And if you want to just indulge without the work, make your way to the nearest Olive Garden and use your coupons for great savings.

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