Features To Consider When Buying A Coffee Maker

It’s not as simple as it used to be to buy a coffee maker. With all the features that are offered on the different brands and models it can often be a daunting task to choose the one that is perfect for you and your needs. But rather than be overwhelmed by all the choices, just take a look at some of the features available and then start making a list of your personal “must have” or “don’t need” components. It is also important to read the best coffee makers reviews so that you have some idea of how the models that you are interested in will perform and general customer’s experiences with these machines.

Programmable Timer
One very useful feature for many people is the programmable timer. When you need that first cup to get you going each morning or you feel like you can’t function until you’ve had that morning cuppa, the automatic “On” switch is something you will want. And the automatic timed “Off” feature is something you would definitely benefit from if your morning rush has caused you more than occasionally to forget to turn your coffee maker off.

Consider how many cups of coffee you will need the coffee maker to brew at a time. A smaller capacity that brews one or two cups at a time might be sufficient for your lifestyle. If you are just making one cup at a time you could even choose one of the single-serve pod machines. But for a heavy coffee drinker or a house with several coffee drinkers, you may actually be looking at a 10- or 12-cup model. Keep in mind that for many makers a “cup” is really only about 4 ounces of coffee.

If you only need a few cups of coffee at a time then the “1 – 4 cup” or “small batch” setting is a feature to consider. In order to be sure each cup is hot enough and strong enough, this setting actually delays the brewing cycle until the water is heated to the correct temperature. When making a large pot this is not so critical since the hotter and stronger coffee at the end of the cycle mixes with the cooler weaker coffee at the beginning of the cycle.

Bottom Line

Even if you are not a regular coffee drinker yourself you should still consider having a coffee maker on hand so that you can serve your guests who would like a cup after dinner or just while sitting and chatting. Choose a machine and features that would be suitable for the typical type and number of guests you would normally be entertaining.

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