How to Create an Easy Recipe Binder

If you have ever regretted that grease spatter you left on Great-grandma’s handwritten meatball recipe, a recipe binder might just be for you.  Not only do these binders add organization to an area of the kitchen that is most often a pile of random recipes, but they also protect each recipe from messy kitchen elements.  These recipe binders are easy to assemble, catching to the eye, and protective of any and all kitchen information stored inside their covers.

The binders themselves are very easy to assemble.  Kits can be purchased at many stores and websites, and some designs can even be downloaded for free from the internet.  The kits themselves generally come with a three-ring binder and a design for the cover, as well as divider pages and tabs for the different categories.   To protect your recipe pages, you will probably need to buy protective clear sheet sleeves from the craft store.  The kits do not normally come with this recipe protection device.  Once you have your kit, you will need to decide what categories you wish to divide your recipes into.  Usual categories normally include baked goods, main dishes, side dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks, but your binder could include anything you want.   If you are an international cook, or you enjoy bringing recipes from around the world into your own kitchen, you might wish to add categories of food, such as Thai, Mexican, Italian, or whatever foods you enjoy making.  Some cooks add categories such as basics, or a limbo section.  This category of recipes, called the “limbo” category, is a very popular idea, and is for all the recipes that the cook wishes to try but has not quite gotten around to trying it yet.  If the recipe is enjoyed and liked, it is moved from the “Limbo” category to the correct category of tried and true recipes.  And remember, you can always add categories if you forget one or wish to add another.

There are many expensive and lovely name-brand kits available on the market today; but why spend so much money when you can make a lovely binder yourself?  Several websites now have downloadable templates for recipe binder covers, tabs, and more.  Check out Prudent Baby’s website ( free templates and several helpful hints on how to make your own recipe binder a huge success.

Recipe book binders help transform that corner of the kitchen from a hodge-podgy treasure of buried recipes into a system that makes recipe selection easy and fun.  Instead of fingering through piles and stacks of recipes, you can simply turn to the section of your binder where you have filed all your tried and true recipes.  This makes cooking much more delightful and fun for everyone involved.

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