Making a Recipe Book: Create a Family Treasure

Years ago I tackled a large recipe-saving project—a project that would require the saving of decades-old handwritten recipes onto a DVD.  This was before the days of online recipe books, and frankly, the project took several months to complete.  The process itself was repetitive and boring.  First, scan the recipe.  Adjust the scanning area.  Scan again, and save to a file.  Next, burn the file to the DVD.  Initially, this seemed like a fairly easy project; but after a few hundred times of traveling to the scanner and back to the computer, the job quickly lost its appeal.  Today, such tedious processes are practically unknown, thanks in a large part to the amazing ability of computers and the internet.  Making a recipe book has never been easier and more enjoyable than it is today.  Here are a few ideas for making it easy and special.

Love family recipes?  For a holiday gift for yourself next year, ask every member of your family (or every member who cooks delicious meals!) to share a handwritten recipe with you.  Make your collection themed or not; some people like to collect candy recipes, cookie recipes, or favorite entree instructions for their books.  Others would just rather have everyone’s favorite recipe or family legacy recipe as a vintage collection.  These handwritten recipes should be all written on the same size of recipe card so that they can fit into recipe card sleeves.  Then, once you have received all the recipe cards, all you must do is slip them into the sleeves and presto!  You have your very own recipe book.  This is a wonderful idea for a bride-to-be or for anyone just setting up a new home.

Another way to make these books is to use one of the many internet programs available for just such a project.  All you need for this method of publishing is your recipe box and a few hours to devote to typing out your recipes into a text document so that they can be copied to the software’s publishing platform.  These publishing websites are a great way to share your own recipes with many people, because you can order as many books as you want once the book is published.  Prices usually run between twenty and thirty-seven dollars, depending on the style of binding.

Making a recipe book is also a great way to organize all the recipes that have collected in your cupboard from various cooking magazines over the years.  Simply snip the recipes out and slide them into the sleeves that come with so many recipe book kits.  These are often fun to make because they provide color, layout, and style that handwritten or computer-generated texts often do not supply.

Whatever your method of compilation, recipe books are a great way to organize your recipes or share them with all your friends and family.  Use them as gifts around the holidays; instructions on how to make delicious meals are always appreciated and treasured.

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