Online Recipe Organizer: Organization at its Finest!

Millions of cooks are now turning to online recipe organizer programs as the organization tool of choice for all online recipes.  After all, computer wizards can’t imagine why cluttering the kitchen counter with a tangible organizer is preferable to storing it all right on your computer—it takes up no space nor money, and is easily accessible by all.  These features have increased the popularity of these online programs.  While some charge a monthly fee for the use of their program, others are free.  The following five online recipe organizers are probably the top free programs in their field.  These brief overviews will help you find exactly what you need.

Kitchen Daily is one of the best free recipe organizer programs available today.  With free features that help you to organize and add recipes, make grocery lists, and even print coupons, Kitchen Daily also has a social outlet for all food-loving individuals, including an online public recipe database, tips from chefs, and video tutorials.

If you are looking for a site that is just the bare bones of recipe organiztion, check out One Tsp., a website that allows you to upload and organize your own recipes for free.  You can also import recipes from cooking software, such as Meal Master or several others.  Your own recipes are accessible from either the internet or your cell phone, and shopping lists may be either printed out or sent to your phone for easy use.

Kitchen Monki is another online program.  Facebook users can simply sign in with their Facebook information, and other users must create their own free account.  Extra features besides recipe organization include week-long menu plans and sending your personalized grocery lists to your cell phone via Mobile Monki.

A vital website for online cooks, WeGottaEat says it all in the name.  Those who must eat but have no paper and pen will be relieved to know that this program allows users to create their own profile and account, socialize with other users in the forums, and access over 100,000 recipes in their online collection.  Personal recipe organization is really their core service to all food lovers.

Say Mmm is a truly personalized program that guides you through the process of creating a truly individualized collection of online recipes, even allowing you to choose the color of your main web pages and more.  Use their tools to keep track of your family’s favorite meals, as well as to share restaurant reviews and ratings with other members.

With all these websites, recipe storage on the internet is made fun and easy.  Use any of them to organize your recipes into a usable system that will be enjoyed for years to come.  The only question when deciding which program, however, still remains:  what other features would you like to use in your online recipe organization?

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