Paleo Cooking Tips: Creating New and Exciting Recipes!

If your a follower of the Paleo diet one problem you may have is creating new and exciting recipes that rival the sugar and carb laden treats you once enjoyed. I know for me giving up things like pizza was initially difficult and it wasn’t until I developed my own cooking skills that I really started to reap the rewards of the Paleolithic diet. Now tasty curries, omlettes, salads, steaks, stews and casseroles keep me more than happy and I want to share with you some simple and easy to implement tips that will allow you to create your very own gorgeous Paleo recipes.

1. Use fresh and tasty meat. Half of the battle is won if your using high quality and organic produce. As a challenge go and find some wild salmon, and then go to your local supermarket store and buy some standard farm salmon. Cook and eat both whilst noticing things like colour, before and after cooking, texture and fat. Wild salmon is so incredibly tasty compared to it’s farmed counterpart it’s unreal and it also contains vital oils such as omega 3, which are absent from farmed salmon due to the fact it can’t exercise properly in it’s small farms.The same goes for chicken, beef and any meat you can think of, a lot of the natural and delicious flavors originate from the way the animals lived so high quality meat always trumps cheap, industrially farmed stuff.

2. Get to know your seasonings. Salad dressings, sauces, spices and herbs are simple when you know how. I advise anybody new to the Paleo world to invest in some high quality herbs and spices. Grow some mint, basil and coriander and start experimenting to see what works. Before long you’ll have your own range of gorgeous and gourmet recipes from which to pick and choose and will rely less and less on shop bought condiments.

3. Veggies. It’s easy to slack on this but your vegetables are gonna make all the difference. Gorgeous seasonal vegetables are always delicious when cooked correctly. Find out what it’s in season and ensure you buy the freshest and most delicious vegetables to compliment your diet. I recommend hearty vegetable soups for the winter and light, crispy salads and essential for the brighter months.

Follow these tips and our delicious, paleo recipes over at paleo banquet and you’ll be fully in love with the Paleolithic lifestyle in no time at all.

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