Creative Ideas for Recipe Boxes

Recipe boxes are a creative way to add warmth and coziness into your kitchen while improving your organization at the same time. They can be hand crafted or purchased from nearly any home decor store, and can be easily matched to nearly any style. This article will give a brief overview of the supplies and procedures needed to make your personalized recipe box.

There are several ways to go about making your very own recipe box. If you have crafty children who love to make things, consider this easy-to-assemble one. You will need an empty envelope box or other cardboard box, some colorful paper, glitter, and a glue stick. The process is simple enough. First, cut off the top flaps of the box. Next, glue the card stock to fit onto every surface of your box. You can cut out pictures, designs, shapes, or anything you wish, really, to decorate its sides. Once dry, apply glitter wherever desired. This is a fun box to make because it can be designed however you like it. Not only is it easy for kids, it is easy to personalize as well.

Another quick way to personalize a recipe box that is a little more classy than an envelope box is to purchase a wooden one from a craft store such as JoAnn, Hobby Lobby, or Michael’s. These boxes are quite a bit more sophisticated than the previous ones, but can still be given character and unique beauty. Wooden boxes are wonderful for painters and artists, because they have enough substance to stand up under acrylic paints, stains, or even hand carving. If you do plan to paint it, remember to keep the lid of your box up when drying so that it is not accidentally dried closed and glued shut by any unnoticed paint.

Before you begin such a project, there are several points to be aware of. First, be sure to select a box that will fit your old recipe cards. If your box is for a collection that you will begin afresh, this may not be such an issue, as you will be buying or making whatever cards you need. But for all the vintage recipes handed down through the generations, you want to be sure that they will fit in their box before buying any materials. Also, remember that these guidelines are simply that—guidelines for your creativity. These directions are not meant as a comprehensive guide to crafting your own boxes; instead, they provide simple directions that should spark your creativity and help you create a unique and individualized box.

Homemade recipe boxes and recipe cards would make a beautiful gift if made well, whether that be for a bride, a friend, or a relative. Stick a few of your favorite recipes into the new box, and they will love receiving a part of your kitchen. And you will love seeing the joy in their faces that is a result of your hard work.

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