Recipe Software: Free Methods May be the Way to Go

With more than just a few recipe software programs available today, many cooks are wondering just which program is most adaptable to today’s techno-savvy world. In this article we have reviewed three different programs. While they each have their own unique set of pros and cons, our top winner is indeed the simplest of all, and may surprise you.

We began by reviewing MasterCook, one of the most well-known recipe programs on the market today. Many users praise its ease of use, its menu planners, and features; but its lack of a support team or website can make any trouble-shooting difficult and time consuming. And if you opt for the free trial, you have thirty minutes to decide whether you like it or not. Who can master a program and begin using it enough to decide to buy or not within thirty minutes?

Living Cookbook is a great program, but it unfortunately uses up so much space and is hardly more than a spreadsheet program. Likewise, importing a new recipe onto the Living Cookbook program is a tedious and boring procedure. This program was hardly a modern, technology-oriented program for today’s online cooks.

Big Oven Recipe Software is another program that we reviewed. Big Oven is really one of the best recipe programs available, because its support team is excellent, its support database very comprehensive, and it continues to improve its product. However, there were a few disadvantages worth noting. First, any recipes you wish to view online must be public—that is, you have published them for all other Big Oven users to see and use. I know in my family this could be an issue because some of the recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. No private recipes may be seen online. Secondly, their search tools are a little limited in what they can do—rather basic. These are a couple issues that the company is working to resolve; however, if you plan to use a recipe software program to organize all your recipes, this is the one to use.

Free Recipe Software?

While any of these programs would be among the top in their services, the best way to access all your online recipes from other locations (such as another computer or your smart phone) is to simply open a Google Documents account. This way, you can organize all your recipes however you wish, can open them from anywhere that has an internet connection, and can maintain privacy on all your family heritage, heirloom recipes. And best of all, contrary to all the other programs, this program charges not a single penny. You can also share your google document with other family members who live long distance.

Contrary to popular belief, even the best recipe software programs have plenty of problems, each unique to their own operating systems. So instead of investing in a program that you will probably get plenty frustrated at, open a Google Documents account and begin to organize your recipes in your own way. This will save both time and money–both of which are excellent assets for any cook.

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