Recipe Templates: A Very Useful and Free Method

If you have ever tried to produce hundreds of typewritten recipes, freehandedly, you can understand the frustration behind personally adjusting each and every recipe format. Recipe templates eliminate this frustration altogether. With these easy-to-use forms, you are well-equipped to produce cookbooks and recipes that you can easily customize to any occasion.

Recipe templates can easily be personalized to suit your taste as a cook. Looking for a modern, classy formatting for all your family recipes? Or perhaps you are wanting a rooster/chicken theme for all your poultry recipes. These are just a couple of ideas on how you can customize your template for your own cookbook or recipe box. The recipes can also be perfectly suited to the occasion, such as a wedding, a reunion, or an anniversary. Lastly, they can make your recipes appealing to your audience. For example, you could pick an Irish-themed template for your Aunt Beth, or a family-photo theme for that special mom in your life. Several cookbook publishers offer many different templates to choose from, catering to all walks of life.

Recipe templates can also make recipes easier to read and use. While handwritten recipes are treasured and fun for the family history, they can also be difficult to read, or the cook may be afraid to get food on it because of its value. When you use templates to organize all your vintage recipes, you can simply print them out and use them in place of the antique recipe cards holding the keys to that treasured dish. That way your family heritage recipes can be passed on from generation to generation.

If you plan to make your own, try utilizing Excel’s free templates for recipes, available on the internet for downloading. They are simple and functional. They come in at least three different styles; try all three and see what works for you. And here’s a tip: when using the template to store your recipes, always use the following procedure. First, open your template file and click “Save As.” Type in the name of your recipe; then fill in all the recipe details and close the document. Following this procedure will allow you to save the original template as a clean template so that you can quickly use the template every time you begin a new recipe. If you simply begin copying recipe information into the original template, you will end up doing a lot of cut/paste maneuvers every time you begin a new recipe.

Using this free recipe template through Excel provides an easy alternative to varied sizes and papers stuck in a recipe binder. With any template, you can customize your look to suit any occasion or any personality. These downloadable recipe templates will indeed save the cook both time and money in their recipe organization efforts.

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