Simple Recipe for Better Coffee at Home

We all enjoy the idea of making great coffee at home, provided it doesn’t demand too much of our time or money wasted on expensive coffee contraptions and highfalutin gadgetry that we don’t need.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just brew a nice, well extracted cup of java without spending a lot of money on it?  Absolutely, let me show you how.

Rinse Out Your Filters

Before you go to make that pot of coffee, take a moment and run your coffee filter under cold water.  This allows for more of the flavor notes and nuances from the bean to pass through into the cup, creating a much tastier cup of coffee and reducing unwanted flavors from the paper filter.  It only takes a moment to do, but the increased ‘brightness’ and flavor of the coffee is quite noticeable – especially once the bitterness of the paper filters is eliminated.

Use Cold, Filtered Water

If you are using room temperature from a tap to brew your coffee, while it can still taste okay (especially if you followed step one) it won’t have the cleanness of a filtered, cold brewed pot.  The main reason for the increased ‘cleanness’ and flavor is that cold water takes longer to brew, which allows for a slower, slightly longer extraction – which in turn produces more flavor.  When I first learned how to make coffee in a coffee maker I disregarded this because I couldn’t fathom that it truly made much difference.

It does.  With cold water the final cup is much more drinkable and easy to enjoy – especially if you’re using a really enjoyable roast of bean.

Move Your Coffee To a Thermos

Don’t let your coffee sit on the burner after it is finished brewing, this causes the coffee to burn and literally chemically changes it so that the flavor is altered, reducing the taste if not completely ruining the coffee.  By simply moving it to a thermos it will stay warm for hours while maintaining all of its flavor.  Win-win if you ask me.

If you just follow these three basic steps you’ll have a recipe for great coffee at home, which didn’t cost you any new gadgets, and you didn’t even have to really learn anything.  Just make a few simple changes and witness as the flavor of your coffee significantly improves.

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